Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bitches don't know about blockbuster

so last night i went to blockbuster to rent a movie for the first time in about 10 years.   they're still 4 dollars for 4 nights, which really doesn't matter beause i'm gonna take em back today.   so i'm checkin out, and i had so many free rentals on my account that i had to get them now.    i rented13 movies last night for 16 dollars.    now granted the last 2 free movies i got i really have no intention of ever watching, but look impressive to have in my rediculous collection.

so now, (or later today after i finish rip/burning them) i got
nightmare on elm street
i love you, man
the uninvited
district 9
the soloist
monster house
jennifers body
sorority row
observe and report

the runaways
under the tuscan sun
whip it
the imaginariup of doctor parnassis

(yes the last 4 are for my girl, and i hope to god never watch them)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

bitches don't know about my breakfast

just so  you all know, i work as a semi-professional short-order cook and usually eat breakfast for everymeal of the day.   however, i've never been able to master the hash-browns cooked in bacon grease.   they always turn out mushy and dark black.   they taste great, but most customers wouldn't want to eat them because of their looks.   do you beitches have any ideas for this?

or how do you cook your breakfasts?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

bitches don't know about my drinking

FUCK YOU'm drunk

so the greates thing about drinkin is the drinkin
you just feel so frlazed and asweome, and then your girlfriend walks in and is pissed and ruins the greatness

well fuck that pitch
 i don't canre

Thursday, September 9, 2010

bitches don't know about my pokemans!

i ask you, besides red and blue, greatest pokemon game to date is the heartgold/soulsilver. 

am it right?

Bitches don't know about my pineapple

I just started growing a pineapple, right now it's drying out for a day or 2 before i can plant it.   then, the growing for about 3 years, then i get my own delicious fruit.   it's kinda weird to think about, that by the time it's done i'll be turning 25 and will have the brain of a full grown bowler.